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Spice Up Your Event!

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Interactive Event Games from Ensemble Events is the perfect way to involve your guests in your event in a fun and exciting way!  Compete as couples or as teams to bring a whole new level of excitement and fun to your event!

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 It's not just for newlyweds anymore!

Four couples answer questions on their phones and the results are shown up on the big screen. The game can be customized to fit any event with the Bestie Challenge, Office Mates, Happy Couple Game, or insert your own logo!

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Show questions live on the big screen. players can use their phones to play along, top scores show up on the leaderboard. Customize the look, import questions, and the game calculates all the scores. This has to be the fastest, easiest, most fun way to play trivia!

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More than just trivia! Players/Teams buzz in to answer for points. Similar to Jeopardy. Customize the game with any logo to fit your event!

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