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It's All About Relationships

We know that the key to attracting potential clients to your business is creating relationships.  In order to create relationships, you need to attract people - and that's where we come in.  Ensemble Events Corporate Services has a wide range of ways to attract people and capture email addresses and phone numbers through our attractive photo booths with advanced technology.  Brand your business by with photos, text, messages, emails, and videos while creating that WOW! moment people will remember you by!

Whether throwing an employee party, an event for clients, or setting up a booth at a trade show, Ensemble Events Corporate Services has multiple capabilities aimed at attracting clients and collecting their contact information.

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Attract People

Our sleek Mirror Booth X naturally attracts people, and can be customized with logos and videos - further increasing your brand influence!

Custom Game.png

Custom Games

Increase the WOW factor and fun with custom games to attract people and keep them around for you to talk to!  Games can be customized with logos, faces, and more!


Custom Logo/ Business Branded Photo Strips


MMS Text Messaging

Our Graphic Designer can bring your business' identity to life on our custom branded photo strips - they can be sent by text, email, or printed on the spot!

Potential clients can send their custom branded photo strips straight to their phones, where they can share them on social media, further promoting your brand!

sign shot.png

Sign & Stamp Photos


Gather Email Addresses

Let potential clients make their own mark by signing their branded photo strips - increasing the chances of their keeping it- and keeping your branding!

Allow customers to email branded photo strips to themselves - with marketing disclaimers, you are then armed with a email list of potential clients!

Let's create a buzz and take your branding to the next level!

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