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Wedding 101

The Toast

     The formal toast at your reception gives your closest friends and loved ones a chance to share sentimental anecdotes, words of appreciation, and best wishes for your future.  Some people who have been asked to make a formal toast will spend many hours writing and rewriting their presentation and their speech to ensure that they properly get their true thoughts and feelings across. Other people might wait until a few moments before they're introduced and simply speak short and sweet from the heart. Although it sounds nice, the latter example often results in a toast the future some unexpected or maybe even undesirable commentary.  Like I referred to earlier, far too many people assume that they can just stand up in front of a room full of people and wing it and be good at public speaking. I assure you that is not true. That is the most common reason why wedding toasts go awry- the people who give the toast simply are not prepared. Therefore, they deliver an off-the-cuff speech that is not from the heart, and often does not land the way that it should .  In this article, we will explore some ideas formation the toast at your reception more memorable and polished.


     Don't just choose anybody to make your toast. Your list should start with those people who most likely already think they are going to make one. The best man, the maid or matron of honor, the parents, even you. From there, narrow it down to who really really wants to give a toast, and then who you really really want to give a toast. Whoever you select to give the toast should be given plenty of time to prepare.


     If you would like to include a relative or close friend in your festivities, a great way to do so is by asking them to say a blessing for the meal. Your wedding officiant is also a good option for this if you know them personally.



     A great practical joke is to give a key to several of the ladies throughout the room, and then during the toast, someone suggest that if anyone has an old house key for the groom's place, they should turn them in right away as he is now officially off the market. If the groom is kept out of the loop, he will begin turning all sorts of red as more and more of the females in the room start streaming up and dropping their keys at the head table. There's all sorts of good music selections that could fit for this. You could even give a key or two to a few men throughout the room for more laughs. This works best when presented with somebody who's already scheduled to give a toast, make sure you prepare for it.


     If you have one or more friends who are good speakers and are naturally funny, but have not been included in your celebration,  a good idea would be to put them on the spot during the toast.  The surprise toast can be a memorable event that creates some fun energy during dinner.  The MC needs to be given the names and seating locations of the people you were going to call out. After the formal toast are done, the guests will be informed that there are still a few more tests coming during the meal, but who was giving them is yet to be determined.  Then when the guests least expect it, the MC will call for their attention and introduced the first person selected to give the surprise toast.  The person will be completely and prepared, but they will be handed a microphone and left alone. If you choose your  victims wisely, this can create a very humorous and memorable moment.


      If you have the time, and want to give your guests another way to become involved, you can let them get in on the toasts.  Have your MC offer an opportunity for anyone who might be interested to come up to the microphone and say a little something.  Make sure you tell the MC in advance that this will be done, and tell them how long they would like it to last.  This idea could easily run longer than expected, so be mindful.


     Like I say in all of my articles:  Prepare, prepare, prepare.  If you don't prepare properly, then most of these ideas will be difficult to pull off well.  Thanks!


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