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Wedding 101

Keeping Your Team Informed

     Your team of wedding service providers are the team of people that should (will) do whatever it takes to ensure that your wedding reception is a fantastic success.  In order for that to happen, it means that everyone on team needs to be kept updated in advance with all of the latest information from the scripted timline(s)  from the ceremony and reception.  They need to communicate with each other before, during, and maybe even after your reception, especially if there are last minute changes (which happens all the time).   Keeping your team on the same page will go a long way toward creating a fun reception that runs smoothly, while preventing mishaps caused by conflicts or miscommunication between your team of providers.  In this article, we will talk about how this dialogue can be accomplished.

     In today's age of technology, there is really no reason why your team of providers should not be able to stay in constant contact with one another (this depends on your level of involvement how important planning is to you, which it should be very important).  You will, no doubt, be gathering the contact information of your team of providers in order to be able to reach them quickly.  You definitely want their phone numbers (the best ones text as well), social media contacts, fax (if they have one), and email addresses.  Don't assume that your team of providers is automatically going to initiate contact with each other.  They may (a good coordinator/director will), but you should at least initiate contact and share a team contact list in a group email to your team.  Make sure you find out the name of the contact person from each provider, and try to deal with the same person throughout the planning process.

     If you have enlisted the services of a professional wedding coordinator, they will more than likely be the person that will serve as the contact person for the rest of your team on your behalf on your wedding day.  If you have chosen someone to be your wedding director, then should serve as the contact on your behalf.  If you are managing the planning details and coordinating things yourself, you must make sure that you send plenty of advance information to your team because you will be less than readily available on your wedding day.

     While the day is in full swing, and the reception is happening, it is very very important for your team of providers to be kept up to speed on everything that is happening.  They need to be kept informed about which event will be coming up next, as well as any changes that may take place.  The bride is simply too busy to do this alone.  You will be pulled in too many directions, trust me.  That's why it's important to thoroughly vet your team of providers when choosing them, and ensure that they are in fact team players- meaning they know how to communicate and keep each other informed during your reception.  A good coordinator or director will be well prepared to keep your team informed throughout the day. 

    As the DJ and entertainment director, I like to ask other providers to let me know if they are stepping out of the room, and when they will be back.  This is not to control them but to rather keep effective communication open so that I am not looking for them, and they do not miss anything. 

     If your guest count is large, then it is essential to establish and stress strong communication throughout the planning process and wedding day.  Encourage your team to make regular eye contact and check in with each other often throughout the day.  In a large crowd, eye contact and hand signals go a very long way in making sure your entire team is prepared to move on to the next event in your agenda.  I've seen catering teams use discreet radios, mini pagers hooked to a computer, you name it, it works.

     Communication is key in any successful venture, and weddings are no exception.  Establish clear communication, and establish it early.  Stress it, and put someone in charge of it.  Thanks!




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