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Wedding 101

The Special Dances

     When your first dance begins, you better believe that your guests will be paying attention. Some will be remembering when they share their own first dance, others might be picturing how they look when they finally share theirs. But for the two of you, the world may feel like it has suddenly slowed to half speed as you are lost in each other's eyes. Unfortunately, some special dances can be given less than special treatment the entertainment vendors who may have forgotten how truly meaningful these dances should be. In this article, we will consider several ways to turn your special dances into truly unforgettable moments.


     Bubbles can add a really nice romantic effect to a dance floor, making your special dance extra special. We don't recommend using a bubble machine, even though it can provide a more dramatic effect with more bubbles. Instead, we recommend that you invite your guests to gather around the dance floor with small bottles of bubbles and ask them to be your bubble machine. Your guests will enjoy being more involved in your celebration and you'll get some really cute photos with bubbles in the air and your smiling guests as the backdrop. When you shop for bubbles, look for non-slip bubbles so your dance floor does not become a hazard.


     Are you getting nervous about your approaching first dance? Consider the possibility that some simple dance lessons may be of use to you. As your comfort and confidence grows during your dance lessons, perhaps you will feel ready to do a little bit more, such as creating your own special first dance routine. This can be especially memorable if one, or both of you is not commonly known as a dancer. When you suddenly put on an amazing show your gifts will not be able to contain this address and admiration. There's a lot of examples of this on YouTube to give you some inspiration.


     You can add a new twist to the traditional father-daughter and mother-son dance by taking a moment to spotlight your new parents, and invite the groom's father to dance with the bride and the bride's mother to dance with the groom.


     To add an extra special touch to your first dance, the father-daughter dance, or the mother-son dance, consider putting together a video slideshow featuring photos of the bride and groom together in various stages of their relationship. Or, you can include photos of the bride and her father or the groom and his mother throughout their growing up years. If either the bride or groom would prefer less attention during their special dances, showing a video montage might relieve some of that concern.  Don't forget, you can easily get this done with Ensemble Events video slideshows and projector services).


     Some people are genuinely uncomfortable sharing their entire first dance all by themselves. A way to relieve this is by inviting your wedding party members to join in with you after about a minute or so. During the father daughter-dance or the mother-son dance, your MC could invite any other fathers and daughters or mothers and sons to join you on the dance floor. If the bride has both a father and a stepfather, and she has a close relationship with both, and then you could invite the stepfather to cut in half way through the father daughter dance. During your wedding party dance, your MC could invite the rest of the guests to join in halfway through in an effort to lead into the open dancing. They could be invited out by staggered categories, such as immediate family, out-of-state guests, local guests, etc. 

     The special dances can be used as opportunities to include your wedding party, special loved ones, or all of your wedding guests.  If done right, it can be a special moment that creates long lasting memories.  Thanks!



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