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Other Special Touches

     Your guests attend your wedding because they care about you, support you, want to congratulate you, and want to celebrate with you. The most successfully entertaining receptions are the ones where your guests are invited to connect with you and each other in fun, meaningful, and memorable ways. One reason why guests leave the reception early is because they are not enjoying themselves. If your friends and family members are overlooked it during the reception, they will feel like they are only observers of your festivities. However, when they are given an opportunity to connect, they will feel like highly valued contributors. Isn't that the reason you invited them to your wedding in the first place? In this article, we will discuss a wide variety of ideas to help you build a stronger connection at your celebration with the people who have already made such valuable connections in your lives.


     If you haven't already done a unity candle in your ceremony, consider providing for a family unity candle to be set up on your head table. Ask your MC to inform your guests about the symbolism of the family unity candle. Have your MC say that when your guests first arrived, they were two separate families. But now, they will be celebrating together as one big happy family. The MC will then invite someone to represent both families by coming up and lighting the other candles. This can be anyone you choose, such as your mothers, both sets of parents, or someone in your family who hasn't yet been included. The guests will then be instructed about their role. When the bride and groom make their grand entrance, and after applause is dying down, they will take the outside lit candles and light the center candle representing the uniting of both families into one. At that moment, everyone will begin to applaud and cheer to show their support.


     If you have several small children in attendance at your wedding, bring some coloring books and a few boxes of crayons. Have your MC help them get started in a coloring contest. Don't forget to bring a small prize for all the participants, and maybe something extra for the winner.


     Karaoke is more popular today than ever. If you and your friends are big fans of singing karaoke, perhaps you should consider including karaoke in your wedding. It could be done in sets so that your guests can also enjoy some dancing. If your guests are more likely to sing karaoke than they would be to dance, maybe opting for karaoke as the primary form of entertainment would be a better fit. Keep in mind that extra equipment may be required in addition to what a band or a DJ would normally provide, so you should expect a reasonable surcharge. Also, it would be good to verify the skills of the person who will be your host. The house should be experienced with the equipment and be skilled with keeping your guests entertained between performances.

     These are some extras that you can sprinkle in to add some spice and flavor to your reception.  Thanks!



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