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Wedding 101

The Last Dance

     As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Unfortunately, wedding receptions are no different. The question is, will you're ending be forgettable, or will people remember it? We're your guests leave with glowing comments of Praise, raving about how much fun they had? Will they filter out little by little as the party goes later and later into the night? Well most of them join you for One Last Dance before you head off on your honeymoon? Is your last dance going to be a fast pace song that is special to you, or a slow song that is intimate? There is no right or wrong answer to any of these questions. You are the only person who can determine what kind of ending will best fit your wedding reception. In this article, we will go over a few ways to make your last dance bring closure to your reception in a special and memorable way.


     Many times, at the end of a reception, the guests will say boo or start chanting for the entertainment to play one more song. It's pretty safe to say that if that happens, your entertainment vendors have done a pretty good job. There's a reason why many movies don't go longer than 2 hours. The same can be said for most concerts. Knowing when to say when is one of the most important aspects of creating good entertainment in any situation. If you choose to end your reception a little bit earlier than originally planned because you want to end things on a high note, you will be joined during your last dance by a large percentage of your guests and your ending will truly be memorable for all. It is important to have an entertainment vendor who is able to read the crowd and feel out the night. Work with them ahead of time and make your desires clear.


     How many great shows and concerts have you been to? Just like every memorable show, the last song is not always the last song. Many bands come back out as the crowd is still cheering to play an encore. You can create that same effect for your last dance. Select a slow song for your band or DJ to play and have it announced as the last dance. When the song concludes, following your prior instructions,  the MC will ask your guests if they like one more song. If the crowd has been fairly energetic, they will most assuredly respond excitedly with approval. Then, your band or DJ can grant their wish by playing one last upbeat song that they have been saving for the end of the night.


     This is usually my default for the last dance of a wedding. Have the MC invite everyone to make a big circle around the both the bride and groom during the last dance. Getting everyone involved in this moment will not only make it more memorable, but will also result in a lot of good photo opportunities for your photographer to capture those special closing moments.


     Going with the Circle of Love, have your MC move quickly around the circle of guests during your last dance with a wireless microphone, letting them express their best wishes to both of you on the mic. 


     Keeping with the Circle of Love, have the bride and groom move around the circle bidding farewell and expressing their appreciation to each person who has remained until the end of the reception. Depending on the size of the group, you may need to do more than one song for this type of event.

     The last dance is a big opportunity to put your personal touch on your reception, and share a special moment with your guests.  Prepare it, plan it, and have a backup ready.  Thanks!


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