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Wedding 101

The Grand Entrance

     It is a common thought (and misconception) that loud music and loud introductions are they keys to a good grand entrance.  Sure, people may remember it, but maybe not for the right reasons. Like the ceremony and cocktail hour, your grand entrance communicates the tone for the rest of your reception.  If you seize this moment, and use it create connections that are informative, entertaining, personal, and emotional, your guests will feel more involved and have more fun.  In this article, we'll discuss ways to make your grand entrance and introductions unique, creative, and memorable.


     The easiest grand entrance is one with just of the two of you being introduced into the reception while your guests are encouraged to stand and cheer.  It's what they've been waiting for and they will be excited to see you.


     Take a moment to introduce and honor your parents to show them a special moment of gratitude.  You can simply ask them to stand, or they can be introduced into the room with the bridal party.  If any of your parents have divorced or remarried, be sure to clarify with your MC how and in what order you would like them to be introduced.  Similarly, the flower girl and ring bearer can also be introduced.


     There's no right or wrong way to bring in your wedding party, but it's always a good time.  You can introduce them as couples, one at a time, alternating bridesmaids and groomsmen, or both groups together.  It's up to you, just communicate it to your wedding party members.


     Tradition dictates that the bride and groom be introduced last, after the parents and wedding party.  But, that doesn't mean that you have to do it that way.  You can have a chance to enjoy the fun of the wedding party introductions by having yourself introduced first.  It also gives your wedding party a chance to give you a quick hug as they enter the room. 


     Right after your grand entrance, while all of your guests are still standing and cheering your arrival,  take advantage of the moment to express your gratitude to your guests for coming to help you celebrate the Day. You can use the opportunity to thank your parents for support, the groom could also acknowledged his thoughts and his parents along with his feelings about the bread. Make sure you tell your MC in advance that you want to do this and ask for the proper equipment such as a microphone and what not. Also, make sure you let the DJ know to kill the music so that you can speak.


     Rather than just making these introductions as announcements, make this a production by adding something music. You can choose a dramatic song that will start playing just as the two of you into the room, you can select a separate song to play for each member of your wedding party. You can even pick up theme song for your parents, the doctors, the ring bearer,  and flower girl.  You definitely need to discuss these plans with your entertainment director so that they can be prepared to play the songs that you want. Also, you may want to clearly communicate when you want the songs to begin. How many songs have soft beginnings, and may need to be queued up before they can be played at the right spot.


     Another cool idea is to create a grand entrance that resembles other well-produced introductions. Sporting events, movies, game shows, television shows can all be sources of inspiration for this type of introduction. Using a sports theme, your bridesmaids and groomsmen could be introduced using their heights, where they went to school, things like that. You could even use their college fight songs for theme music.

     Using a movie theme, your bridesmaids and groomsmen could be introduced to the room wearing outfits from whatever. Your favorite movie takes place in Period using a game show theme, your bridesmaid and groomsmen could be introduced as contestants on something like the dating game comma using their zodiac signs and interests.

     If the bride and groom are big Baseball fans, a baseball grand entrance can be incorporated. Using bats in baseball,  stadium music, and even popcorn can be used to make the experience more authentic.



     If you, or one or more of your wedding party members has a unique talent or specialized skill that could be entertaining, find a way for your MC to coax them into showcasing their talents to your guests during the introduction. It's a cool way to get people involved, and will create an enjoyable moment. One thing to remember is to try not to embarrass any of the members of your wedding party.


     Challenge your wedding party members to try and top each other with some funny dance moves as they enter the room and step onto the dance floor. If the groomsmen are entering first, get them to set the bar High by tearing up their jackets and Swinging them over their heads. Each couple that follows will have to come up with their own routines and your guests will be roaring with laughter and Applause, short to make a memorable moment.


     A short biographical introduction for your MC to read about each wedding party member as they enter the room is a nice intimate touch. You can include information about your relationship, how you met, where they live, their occupation,  relationship status, hobbies, and any funny stories you might have. The size of your wedding party should determine how much detail can go into each of your wedding party member biographies. If you have a large party, you obviously want to keep it short so your grand entrance does not take too long.


     If you decide to create personalized biographies for each member of your wedding party, another great option would be for the two of you to deliver the introductions yourselves. You will need to prepare ahead of time with a microphone and such, especially if you plan to read the script from outside the room. The wedding party members and the guests will absolutely love it, and once again it will create a memorable experience.

     There are a lot of things you can do set your grand entrance apart, and create a moment that your guests will love and be talking about for years to come.  Make sure you prepare each activity you plan with the right people.  Thanks!


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