Projector, Slideshows, & Guestbooks

Share Your Memories

...More than just online.  Ensemble Events provides a 1080p projector with 100 inch portable viewing screen.  You provide the media source, and we'll do the rest.  Ensemble Events Projector Services is perfect for birthdays, weddings anniversaries, corporate functions, and more.  Projector services can be rented stand-alone, or as part of a package. 

Let Us Do The Work

Let us help you share your memories in style.  Ensemble Events provides high quality custom slideshows for your enjoyment.  You provide the photos (or we can use your Ensemble Photo Booth photos), and we will add graphics, logos,  and writing of your choice to make it personalized to your style and taste.  Ensemble Events Custom Slideshow Services is a stand-alone service, or can be rented as part of a package.  We can also provide the projector, screen, computer, and music!

Custom Guestbooks

Make The Memories Last

With Ensemble Events Guestbooks, you can take the memories home with you.  We provide standard or custom guestbooks of your Photo Booth photos, and include event photos, graphics, writing, and other special features to commemorate your event (custom guestbooks only).  This feature is available stand-alone or as part of a package.