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5 Kids' Birthday Ideas for Fall/Winter 2017

October 5, 2017


     One of the funnest parts about throwing your little one a party is giving them a chance to let their imaginations run wild.  Kids come up with the best ideas, as their brains aren't clogged with all that nonsense us adults have to deal with.  Here are 7 great ideas for your kid's birthday party this fall/winter!




     This a great idea, and it's easy to use pre or post-Halloween decorations and costumes to do it!  Get some squashes, pumpkins, and hay from your local farm stand to create the atmosphere.  Lanterns, bandana table cloths, pin the tale on the (fake) donkey, donuts on a string, and really any game will go well at this party!  For a special touch, have a zoo-themed petting zoo with barn bounce house!





     A camping-themed party can be easily implemented in a variety of locations: your own backyard, inside your home, in nearby woods or at local campgrounds. The key to picking the right spot will depend on the weather, the size of your child's party and the age of his or her guests.  It doesn't have to be an overnight thing, camping parties are great during the day!





     If you're looking for a casual, fuss-free theme to suit sporty kids, consider hosting a tailgating party. This flexible theme can be concentrated on a specific sport or team, but it can also be broad enough to incorporate a variety of sports.During the party you can entertain kids and adults with traditional tailgating games such as horseshoes, washer toss or ladderball.You can easily decorate for this theme using items you and your children already own. For example, balls, helmets, signs, banners, pom-poms and plastic cones can all be hung throughout your party space or used as centerpieces.




     This theme works so well with that time of year because kids are just getting settled into the new school year. Inviting new classmates and even the class teacher is a great way for the kids to bond outside of the classroom setting.  

     For this type of party,  adorn the sweets table with cupcakes shaped like apples, as well as cookies decorated to look like yellow school buses and pencils. Another option is setting up a create-your-own candied apple bar that allows kids to coat apples in the treat of their choice.




     A costume party is the perfect tie-in for kids whose birthdays fall around Halloween. Plus, this theme offers kids a great opportunity to get some extra mileage out of costumes they might otherwise wear only once.  It can be any theme, and there's no limit to the fun activities that can be had.  

     Children come in their costumes with their candy containers. Decorate mini pumpkins, cupcakes and cookies. Give out candy and have music. Decorate the venue with pumpkins and other Halloween-type décor. This event works well in the fall because it helps them not only enjoy the holiday or the season, but also to get a twist on traditional parties and activities.


Happy partying!!


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