Ensemble Events Holiday Portrait Service is a great alternative to our traditional Photo Booth services!  Especially great for business parties, Ensemble Events Holiday Portrait Service provides more elegant photos, printing one (1) four by six (4x6) photo on each strip, as opposed to the three (3) or four (4) photos per strip in traditional Photo Booths.  All photos are done with custom designed overlays including your logo (if you don't have one, we'll make one for you) or any message you'd like!  Here's how it works:

-We set up a backdrop with lighting and camera (similar to our open air photo booth).

-Guest(s) step in front of the camera and say cheese (we take 3 or 4 photos)!

-We show the guest(s) their photo(s) on a tablet, and they choose their favorite photo to be printed, and how many they would like. 

-Guest photo(s) is printed on a custom 4x6 photo on the spot.

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