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     If you have been to an event in the past few years, chances are pretty good that you have been in a photo booth.  Chances are also pretty good that you or someone you went in the booth with still have your photo strips from the event.  Marketing through Ensemble Events Photo Booths harnesses the popularity of photo booths along with the usefulness and longevity of photo strips in order to maximize your business' visibility and exposure.

-Photo Booths are wildly popular, and with this new service, Photo Booth Marketing can be a powerful advertising tool.


-Photo Booth Marketing provides a chance to engage with customers in a new fun way to capture memories (and your logo).


-Our Photo Booths average between 100-150 photo sessions per hour.


-With Photo Booth Marketing, you can collect contact information

for leads, and conduct surveys to collect crucial data.


-Photo Booth strips are not thrown away, they are placed in cubicles, on mirrors, refrigerators, and shared on social media.

Have customers come back to your business by including a coupon on our photo strip!

Sponsor a photo booth at bars, clubs, and other places where you can increase your exposure to a target demographic.

Photo Booth Marketing is the perfect way to get a candidate's name and platform out to the public!

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     Your tax deductible advertising dollars will not go farther with any other form of advertising.  Photo Booth Marketing with Ensemble Events is also much more affordable than more traditional advertising methods.  You cannot get better exposure and visibility for your advertising dollar!  Contact us for more information.