Event Lighting

Set The Mood

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any special event.  It provides depth and ambience, as well as tie together other important aspects, from seating and sound to the slideshow and overall color scheme.  Ensemble Events provides high quality event lighting that helps to set the right mood and environment for your special event.  Dance floor lighting is included with each Ensemble Events package that includes DJ services.



Create Subtle Elegance

Uplighting is a detail that is often overlooked because it is so subtle.  It provides essential lighting for a dimly lit room, and highlights other important additions such as floral design (which are often big investments as well).  Uplighting also contributes to the color scheme, which is the one aesthetic that ties all other visual features together.  Ensemble Events' Uplighting is completely wireless and can be set to up to 16 different colors so that we are sure to match your color scheme.  Uplighting can be rented stand-alone, or part of a package.

Pinspot Lighting

Elegant Illumination

Pinspot lighting makes the special details at your Wedding or event stand out.  It is used to Illuminate important centerpieces, cakes, floral arrangements or any other important showpiece of your event.  Pinspot lighting is the perfect compliment to a dimly lit room, where once again, you can illuminate the special (and expensive) features of your event.  Ensemble Events has up to 18 pinspot lights that can be attached to a variety of places including ceilings, metals (that attract magnets), and/or poles that extend up to 11 feet tall.

Custom Monogram Lighting


A Backdrop For Memories

Custom monogram lighting (or gobo lighting) provides an elegant and personal touch, and is a charming addition to any special event.  Monogram lights can be used on floors, walls (interior and exterior), and ceilings, and come in a variety of sizes.  Ensemble Events provides custom monogram lighting for your special event.  Order a design on your own, or work with us to come up with a design you love.