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Surveys indicate that the most memorable moments occur at the reception following a wedding ceremony.  Sadly, that does not necessarily mean the reception is remembered as a great event.  Most engaged couples simply do not have knowledge or experience needed to plan and execute a great event.  At Ensemble Events, we provide services for weddings according to four main principles of wedding planning:  Comprehensive PersonalizationCreative InvolvementEvent Direction, and Predictable Mishaps.  Planning and executing weddings according to these three main principles has led to hundreds of successful weddings and happy couples over the last decade.

Comprehensive Personalization

Comprehensive Personalization is using our experience and expertise to help create your wedding ceremony/reception agenda in a way that fits your personal tastes and style, while still being thoroughly entertaining for your family and friends.  Our goal is to make sure the agenda, flow, and special moments of your big day are completely personalized to fit your unique style, taste, and personality.

Creative Involvement

No one wants to feel left out at a wedding reception.  When guests are allowed (or better yet invited) to become active participants throughout your wedding day, they will relax, make new friends, and have more fun.  Involved guests will be more inclined to dance when the time comes, and they will stay longer.   Creative Involvement is a simple concept, but is not as simple as it seems.  It providing our couples with ideas designed to make your guests feel more involved.  It may also include ideas that have been custom made for you.  At Ensemble, we have many ideas for creating a high level of guest involvement in a wedding reception.  From centerpiece giveaways to special dances, and once again grand entrances to song selection, we are more than happy to help you create memorable moments involving your guests.

Event Direction

Event Direction is the art and science of keeping your agenda on track, while simultaneously keeping your guests entertained.  The science includes double checking the details behind the scenes, and communicating with other providers to ensure that everything and everyone is in the right place at the right in order to execute the agenda.  The art is reading the crowd to ensure they do not become bored or restless while making sure they never see the science part taking place.  We know from experience that a team of providers will work together better and your reception will flow more smoothly when everyone is on the same page. 

Predictable Mishaps

Remember Captain Sully, the pilot?  He crash landed a jumbo jet into the Hudson River after a bird strike killed his engines.  As we know, in 2020 with its technology, planes basically fly themselves - the pilots prepare for when things go wrong.  We all know that pilots predicted and prepared for the possibility of engine failure during a flight - practicing flying a plane with no thrust and no engines.  It was because that predictable mishap was anticipated that hundreds (and more on the ground) of people had a really bad day instead of what of could have been an unimaginable tragedy. This is largely because most of the problems that can occur on a plane can be anticipated (either from experience or speculation) and prepared for - weddings are the same way.  Most of the things that go wrong at weddings can be anticipated, and therefore prepared for - turning potential disasters into mere bumps in the road.  We sit with our clients and go through a comprehensive process to anticipate anything that could go wrong, and come up with a plan of attack for each scenario.

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